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Updating the ENS Documentation

February 20th 20243 min read

After months of hard work, we are proud to announce the release of the new ENS documentation! When taking on this journey when I first joined the team, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. But luckily with great minds, some croissants, and a writers retreat later, we have finally made it!

Thorin Design

With new docs comes a new look and feel! The Thorin design system, that was introduced in the Manager App with v3 has made its way to the docs!

Dark Theme

We all love light theme... or well, I do (luc.eth writing this). But for those of us trying to save our eyes at night, the docs now have a dark theme! Meaning you can switch between light and dark theme at any time.

Interactive Components

Building with ENS means standards, specs, and on-chain shenanigans. To help you understand it all, we have built interactive sections that walk you through procedures, such as registering a name, renewing, transferring, and more.

All of this means you can now easily debug your resolver, fix your name records, and learn how ENS resolution works.

Name Wrapper

Since our release of the Name Wrapper we have seen an increasing demand in users interested in understanding how it works. So to satisfy your curiosity, we have created a section dedicated to the Name Wrapper, where you can learn more about how it works, particular behaviours, and how to use it.

Checkout the Name Wrapper section here.

TLD List

Furthering our commitment to improve the DNS namespace, we have created a TLD list page, where you can see all the TLDs and the state per TLD regarding DNS support, ENS support, and registry behaviour. You can find the TLD list page here.

If you spot a TLD that is not listed, or has incorrect information, please let us know by creating an issue on the ENS documentation GitHub repository.

We have improved the search functionality, now with section-based filtering, it is easier then ever to find the content you're after. Wether its ENSIPs, Governance Proposals, or anything else.

What's Next?

We are not done yet! We are already working on a whole list of few more features & edits to make the documentation even better. There is much more to look forward to, and we welcome any and all contributions to the documentation.

Does this sound like the challenge for you? We are looking for a technical writer to join the team and help us make the documentation even better. Checkout the job posting here.

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