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ENSv2: Frequently Asked Questions

June 20th 20244 min read
ENSv2: Frequently Asked Questions

As ENS prepares for the transition to ENSv2, a major upgrade focused on scalability, affordability, and flexibility, we understand that our community may have questions about the impact on their existing ENS names and the future of the platform. To provide clarity and address these concerns, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) covering topics such as name ownership, migration processes, L2 integrations, decentralization, and new functionalities.


1) Will my ENS name stay mine in ENSv2?

Yes, your ENS name ownership will not be affected by the transition to ENSv2. You will retain full control over your names, and your ownership rights will be preserved.

2) Will I still be able to register and renew a .eth name on L1 Ethereum after ENSv2 is implemented?

From a user perspective: Yes, you will still have the option to register and renew .eth names on L1 Ethereum even after ENSv2 goes live.

From a developer perspective: In ENSv2, all .eth name registrations must take place on L2, even if the name is immediately moved to L1. This can be abstracted for users via native L1 → L2 message passing or using 3rd-party bridges for L2 → L2 message passing.

3) Will my unmigrated L1 name still work when ENSv2 is implemented?

Yes, if you choose not to migrate your name to ENSv2, you can continue using it on L1 Ethereum just as you do today. This includes existing CCIP Read-powered names (e.g. cb.id, uni.eth) and all DNS names.

4) Is an ENS-L2 or dedicated ENSchain still decentralized?

The ENS Labs team is committed to maintaining the decentralized nature of the protocol, even as it extends to an L2 network. The chosen L2 solution will be carefully evaluated to ensure it aligns with ENS's values of decentralization and trust minimization.

5) Are names still unruggable in ENSv2?

Yes, the unruggable nature of ENS names will be preserved in ENSv2. The security and immutability of name ownership remain top priorities in the design and implementation of the upgraded system.

6) What will the migration process to ENSv2 look like?

The ENS Labs team is working on creating a smooth and user-friendly migration process for existing name owners. Detailed steps and guidelines will be provided well in advance of the migration to help users make informed decisions about upgrading their names to ENSv2 or continuing to use them on L1 Ethereum.

7) Will it be cheaper for me to migrate my name to ENSv2 and renew on L2, or just renew on L1?

The cost comparison between migrating and renewing on L2 versus renewing on L1 will depend on various factors, such as gas fees and the specific L2 network chosen for ENSv2. ENS Labs will provide more information on the costs associated with each option as the implementation of ENSv2 progresses.

8) Does picking an L2 (winner) erode some of the credible neutrality and decentralization properties of ENS?

The ENS Labs team is carefully considering the potential impact of choosing a specific L2 network on the neutrality and decentralization of the platform. The selection process will prioritize L2 solutions that align with ENS's core principles and maintain the credibility and neutrality of the system.

9) Other than gas improvements, what else changes with ENSv2?

ENSv2 brings a range of improvements and new functionalities beyond gas cost savings. The redesigned architecture allows for greater flexibility, new use cases, and enhanced user control over name management. More details on these additional features will be shared as the development of ENSv2 progresses.

10) Is ENSv2 just a wrapper of names onto L2, with the protocol remaining on L1?

No, ENSv2 is not merely a wrapper of names onto L2. It involves a new deployment of the ENS protocol, with components on both L1 and L2. This new architecture enables the system to leverage the benefits of L2 while maintaining compatibility and interoperability with L1 Ethereum.

11) What is the timeline for ENSv2 implementation?

At this moment, we don't have a specific timeline for the full implementation of ENSv2. However, you can refer to the project roadmap to see the composite parts of ENSv2 and track the progress of each component. As the project matures, we will begin to provide more detailed timelines for the individual parts and the overall launch of ENSv2.

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